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This is the godfather site of handjobs, in fact, to the best of my understand the site’s name – Mano Job – actually means handjob. Is it Spanish? Probably, I’m far too lazy to look it up.

How can a girl possibly give me a better handjob than I can myself though is what I asked a friend who insisted that a good handjob is amazing.

I mean, I have way more practise than any girl on the planet can ever have, I’ll put money on that but more importantly, I instinctively and immediately know exactly how I want it at any given moment. She doesn’t.

I’m a logical and rational kind of guy and I was insisting. Then he tricked me into a visit to a massage parlour that offered a happy ending. Never mind that it’s a place I would not have visited on my own, a massage parlour that is.

Anyways, I was wrong. It’s the happiest I have ever been to be wrong 😀

Use this 73% off discount at where the girls might just be more skilled at handjobs than you are. The possibility is real.

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